How Veterans Day was Started and Why we honor it?

How Veterans Day was Started – Hello my name is Jacob Martin and today we are going to learn about Veterans Day. Every year we celebrate Veterans Day on 11th November. But why do we celebrate and how it started? Many few know the reason so today we will discuss this in detail.

Veterans day is always celebrated on 11th November and I will tell you why in just a bit. 

What is Veterans Day?

First I need to tell, what Veterans day is. Veterans day is a soldier in the military also known as the armed forces. Veterans day is a day we honor those who served in the military. Do you know that the Military’s five parts are also known as branches. The army, marine corps, the Navy, the Air Force and Coast Guard. Together they all serve to defend our freedom. 

So if you meet a veteran, ask them what branch they served in and then tell them they are awesome. 

How Veterans Day was Started
How Veterans Day was Started

How Veterans Day was Started and Why we honor it?

The reason we celebrate Veterans day on November 11th is the day that World War One ended in 1918 at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11th month. The armistice was signed to end the war. An armistice is an agreement between two opposing sides that ends a war. 

Everyone was so glad that war was over that the next year, in 1919, the US President Woodrow Wilson declared 11th November as Armistice day to celebrate the ending of world war. The day was to remember the sacrifices, bravery and celebrate victory.  

Since then, every year until 1954 11th November was celebrated as Armistice Day. In 1954, post World War 2, President Dwight Eisenhower changed it from Armistice Day to Veterans Day because he wanted to honor all service members (past and present). 

In 2016, President Obama signed the Veterans Day Moment of Silence. So at 3:11 afternoon, there is supposed to be a 2 minute silence observed by the United States people. 

That’s the reason why we celebrate Veterans day – to honor all service members who have served the nation to defend our freedom.

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